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Special thanks from the Director:

To all our students, new and old. Some of you who have been through thick and thin during the initial development stages of the company. Thank you all for your patience and input. And to Bc. Jana Kirkup (Director of studies) whose co-operation and hard work has assisted in the success of the company over the past years.

I would like to give extra special thanks to Mr. Jan Řezníček (Česká Pojišťovna a.s.) who supplied the inspiration (without realizing it) for the company name. (One evening during our lesson I noticed the words “Smart business goals” which had been written on a flipchart used during a meeting earlier that day, and it got my mind thinking).

EVC Hradec Králové who introduced me to Cambridge and has been a constant source of training programs and seminars. Sunny Language School that helped support me during my early years in the Czech Republic.

Mr. Jaroslav Bačina who is still to this day the longest and most loyal student I’ve had. Synergit s.r.o., whose business lessons provided me with inspiration of how to structure my own small business. Syscom Software s.r.o. who have shown me that is possible for every single employee in a company to be able to speak English.

And a super large thanks to Profireal Group whose co-operation, mental and physical support has assisted in the recent expansions over the last year.

Lastly, but in no way the least important, to all my teachers, new and old whose professionalism, characters, and pleasant mannerism have provided my customers with what I can honestly say is some of the best language education available. I know I have said many times before to people I know that “the customer always comes first”, but I truly believe that just an inch behind the customer is my team because without them I wouldn’t have a company whose ideals and ambitions are something that not only I can be proud of, but something that I hope they are proud to be involved in.

Thank you again….all of you

Ing. Robert Mark Kirkup M.D C.E SLC