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Products we offer:

SLC “the one stop language shop” caters for all your language and business training needs. Give us a call now to resolve all your business language problems.

  • language tuition for businesses (English, German, Russian)
  • translating
  • interpreting
  • tuition for general public
  • intensive weekend courses

The “Mirror Program”

SLC’s top selling product is its “mirror program” which is a product designed for large businesses with branches scattered throughout central Europe.

During some market research carried out in 2008 SLC started to understand that one of the most important objectives for a large company which chooses to have an operational language education system for their employees is the justification of the investment into such services.

When a company has many different language schools teaching in many different branches with many differently trained teachers who teach from many different books and doing many different progress tests then it is impossible for any company to accurately be able to see the effective progress of its employees outside of each individual branch. So SLC designed its “mirror program” which provides solutions to all the above problems in one easy and simple product.

How the “Mirror Program” works

By choosing SLC as your sole language provider we are able to supply you with an education program that will allow your company to see the individual progress of each and every one of your employees, no matter which town, city or country they work in, in a simple and numerical format. This formatted report system will then allow your company to see clearly how each employee is motivated towards their studies and how their abilities are progressing.

Many of our existing customers find this information invaluable when deciding on which employees should be considered for internal promotions to higher positions that may require the use of another language as well as being able to see which employee’s are clearly wasting the finances and energies of the company by having poor attendance and progress in their studies.

The “mirror program” provides a frame work where each employee studies from the same books (business or general speaking), which are updated every few years, and with teachers who have been educated in the methods and objectives of the program.

At the start of an employees education an entry test is completed and possibly a face to face oral test with a native speaker or a local teacher depending on the students level. These initial tests allow SLC to see the students’ level so the employee can be positioned in to a group and assigned to a level of studies that will be challenging for them.

Testing is also carried out with each individual/group as required by each company up to 3 times a year; the results of the tests are recorded into a numerical format. A short personal report is also recorded by each teacher concerning the students attitude to their studies and areas of weakness, for example their attendance. These personal reports and test results of each student are then supplied to the human resources department of the company.

The testing and studies of every employee is identical, irrelevant of the employee’s location or position in the company, and is only different depending on the course of study. No matter when a student starts their studies the company will have an up-to-date record of their studies which will allow the companies to compare and evaluate each employee’s abilities to their colleagues from the present or past records in any other city or country where the program is running.

If your company wants to resolve a problem that is not covered by our available products then give us a call anyway, we will make every effort to create a product that is tailor made for you and your business objectives.