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How SLC started:

Several years ago in the Czech Republic I noticed a high demand for the tuition of the English Language for Businesses. It was understandable, because after the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004 there has been a steady increase in trade with other countries throughout Europe.

The existing Czech and European companies in the Czech Republic started to realize they needed a work force who could communicate not only with their customers in CZ but also to their customers or subsidiaries throughout Europe. The German language had sufficed for some time but as Czech companies started expanding towards the eastern and western frontiers of Europe they found that English was more widely accepted as the common language of business. Many companies were soon screaming to employee people, who were able to speak English

and in some cases the requirement to speak English was more important than the candidate's education.

Over the last 5 years the Czech Republic has just started to see a lot of university graduates entering into local markets with an intermediate knowledge of English. Currently over 85% of university students study or have studied English in some form or another as part of the curriculum for their degree.

But many companies throughout the Czech Republic started to ask themselves "Is Intermediate knowledge of English enough to be able trust decisions and information received and supplied in English?". The answer, although many hate to admit it, is NO. And so all around the Czech Republic some of the young and more flexible organizations started to adopt western business solutions for the same problem.

Gradually they started to see that one of the most valuable commodities of a business was its employees and if their employees didn't meet the standards they required of them then it was more efficient and cost effective in the long run for them to train that employee than it was to find a new one.

So by using an old English business term "If you see a gap in a market, fill it" I did. SLC now supplies tuition in Prague, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, and Brno and through its branches in surrounding countries.

Ing. Robert Mark Kirkup M.D for central Europe SLC