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Business Aims: Provide, Provide, Provide

Smart Language Centre s.r.o. (SLC) is an organization that believes strongly in the ideals of customer service. In an ideal world everything goes smoothly with no problems or complications, but in business it’s impossible to imagine such an “ideal” world. And that’s where the skills, abilities and training of our upper management represent the company as being far superior than its competitors.

Some of our customers have learnt phrases like “to go out of their way” not because they were taught this but because they needed to find a suitable expression to describe the service they receive.

SLC is The Provider, you are The Customer, without you there is no us. It’s a simple slogan but one that many people in this field of work have forgotten. Too many times we hear of other companies turning a customer away because that particular customer wanted something different from the norm.

These companies have forgotten or choose to ignore that times are changing….. constantly…..and an organization that is too rigid in its procedures and principles is stagnant. SLC understands that not all customers have the same expectations and so we make efforts to accommodate every request our customers require.

Since starting operations SLC has enjoyed a 250% increase in production every year on average, this is due mostly to our satisfied customers who keep coming back again and again and telling their friends about our services. These increases are also due to the companies’ expansion into foreign territories over the last year.

SLC now has branches not only in the Czech Republic (Prague, Pardubice, Hradec Králové and Brno) but also in Bratislava, Slovakia and Vienna, Austria, SLC plans to continue its field of expansion through Central and Eastern Europe in the coming years and plans new branches opening in Poland by the end of 2008.